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LISCAD Surveying & Engineering Software Screen Displays Welcome to the home of LISCAD, the powerful surveying and engineering software renowned worldwide for its innovation and quality.

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LISCAD has the power to perform. It is intuitive and easy to use as well as being flexible and adaptable to your procedures.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers in over 100 countries and discover why LISCAD will give you the added advantage over other land surveying and civil engineering software.
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Surveying & Engineering Software Product Info Visit the product information page to find out about the various fully integrated modules including profiles & road design, coordinate geometry (COGO) computations, background images, digital terrain modelling (DTM), least squares adjustments, transformations, Survey Live field surveying and much much more...

Surveying & Engineering Software Downloads The LISCAD web site contains an extensive download library, including the latest release software, a full archive of previous versions, additional reports and data converters, miscellaneous drivers, code lists and toolkits.

Field Surveying & Civil Engineering Software Support LISTECH's support strategy is to provide the highest possible level of expert local support on a worldwide basis, backed by online support and direct access to the development team.

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LISCAD 12.1 Released
December 19, 2016

The English (UK) release of LISCAD 12.1 is now available for download. This release includes new functionality for arc creation, prefixing/suffixing of groups, grade reporting, shadowing, automatic cross section stringing and many other enhancements throughout the system. Read more...

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When computing an horizontal Least Squares Adjustment, all data is taken from the spread sheet at the time of computation. If the average height set in the file is zero and the geodial separation negative, then when floating points in the spreadsheet have no elevation they are treated as below sea level. A warning will appear indicating that some points are without elevations and that the average elevation will be used. To correct the adjustment, the best method is to perform the level adjustment FIRST. This will then give the floating points an elevation to be used by the horizontal adjustment in computing its SLC. However, if this is not possible, set the average elevation to a realistic value, then any errors in the SLC calculation are generally insignificant.

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