Validate AlignmentValidate Alignment

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Checks and reports on an alignment object for consistency errors and non tangency.

Validate Alignment dialog box

Item Used to
Alignment Select the alignment to be validated.
Validate Internal line points Include all vertices in the validation check.
If this is not selected, only the vertices at the join of linear objects making up the alignment will be validated.
Length Tolerance Enter the shortest line segment length desired in the alignment. Segments shorter than this length will be reported.
OK Carry out the validation check.
Any errors or warnings will be reported.

Explanation of messages

Message Explanation
Warning - no tangency at point The alignment components meeting at the point are not tangential.
Warning - Radius changes at point The alignment components meeting at the point are of different radius. (Note: This warning will also show up at points where the alignment changes from a straight to an arc or spiral of non infinite radius, on the basis that a straight has an infinite radius. Do not be concerned with this warning at such points.)
Point is no longer a valid IP The IP point is not in the correct IP position. You should re create the IP.
Intersects itself..... The alignment intersects itself at the coordinates shown.
Between Point .... Segment distance too small The line segment between the points is smaller than the entered 'Length Tolerance'.