Create Point By Section MarkerCreate Points at Section Markers

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Creates a new point at every section marker along the selected alignment.

To run this option, select the Create/Point command and the Method/At Section Markers command from the Computations task to display the relevant dialog box.

The points to be created will be given the attributes currently defined via the Attributes/Point command. You should use that command to set the required attributes before creating any points. If the point elevation attribute is active, the new points will be graded along the alignment where possible.

The point identifiers assigned to the points to be created will begin from the Starting ID currently set in the Point Id field in the dialog box . Subsequent points created will be incremented by 1.

Create Points at Section Markers dialog box

Item Used to
Alignment: Select the alignment along which you wish to create points at the Section Markers.
Start Marker: Select the section markers at which to start the process. Default is first section marker.
End Marker: Select the section marker at which to end the process. Default is the last section marker.
Insert new points into alignment's lines: Insert the new points into the alignment's lines.
Create points at existing points: Create new points at the section markers even if points already exist there. This option is not available if "Insert new points into alignment's lines" is active.
OK Create points at the relevent section markers according to the options selected.
Close Closes the dialog.