Polygon by Element SelectionPolygon by Element Selection

Availability: Computations module. (Not available in LISCAD Lite)
Menu Selection: From the Computations task, select the Create/Polygon command and the Method/Element Selection command.
Functionality: Creates a new polygon by selecting existing line objects.
Any line objects can be used except for spirals and offsets.
The polygon to be created will be given the attributes currently defined via the Attributes/Polygon command.
  • The OK Button adds the line object displayed in Line No. field to the polygon currently being created. Alternatively, you may snap to and accept existing line objects to include them in the polygon.
  • The Back Button undoes selected line objects one at a time in the reverse order of their selection. Very useful if you select the wrong line.
  • The End Button ends the creation of the current polygon and allows a new polygon to be started.
  • The elements may be selected in any order but the polygon cannot be created unless the elements selected form a contiguous edge around the desired polygon with no gaps. If there are any gaps in the selections, the system will provide an appropriate message and you will need to begin selecting the required elements over again.
  • The following rules apply when creating polygons by element selection:
    • No line object may be used more than once in a polygon.
    • No line end points may be used more than twice in a polygon.