Examine Model ElevationExamine Model Elevation

(This functionality is available with the Modelling module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Examines the elevation and characteristics of an existing point or cursor position with respect to the current model.
Characteristics include an elevation interpolated from the current model, the elevation difference to the model,  as well as the grade and aspect of the model at the point or cursor position.

On selecting the Elevation/Examine command from the Terrain Modelling task, the Examine Model Elevation dialog box is displayed.

Examine Model Elevation dialog box

Item Used to
Model Name: Display the name of the currently displayed model from which elevations may be interpolated.
Models may be created for any particular data base using the Modelling/Form Model command.
Any previously created model may be displayed using the Display Features command.
Point ID. : Select or enter the point for which an elevation is to be examined. Only points with elevations can be selected.
Point Elevation: Display the elevation of the selected point.
Model Elevation: Display the interpolated elevation of the current model at the selected point's planimetric position.
Point to Model Elev Dif: Display the elevation difference from the point to the model (negative if the point is below the model).
Model Grade: Display the grade (dip) of the current model at the selected planimetric position.
Model Aspect: Display the aspect (dip direction) of the current model at the selected planimetric position. Note that the dip direction is always a Plane Bearing. Azimuths are not be displayed. Note that slopes of 1:100,000 or less are considered flat, and no aspect will be displayed.
Static Choose Static mode. In static mode a point must be selected, or a mouse position nominated by pressing the left mouse button.
Dynamic Choose Dynamic mode. In Dynamic mode the values displayed will be updated to reflect the current position of the mouse.
Cancel Close the dialog box.
Notes The data base must have previously been triangulated using the Modelling/Form Model command before this command may be accessed.

The interpolated elevations are computed from the appropriate triangle in the currently selected model.

The points or positions selected must lie within a model triangle. The command will not work for positions outside the limits of the model.