Long Section BaseDisplay Base Long Sections

Controls whether long sections in the same window are displayed relative to the primary alignment. Also selects which long section is used as the basis for cut and fill.

On selecting the Display / Base Long Sections command, the following options become available.

Item Used to
Base Alignment For Distance: Select the primary alignment to have all long sections displayed relative to the distance along the primary alignment. This may stretch or compress secondary alignment long sections. Note that you can only select the primary alignment when all long sections in the window are based on the same family of primary and secondary alignments.
Select "None" to have all long sections in the window drawn undistorted according to their particular alignment distance. No relationships between long sections are maintained in this case.
Note that if you select "None", any cuts and fills calculated between long sections will be comparing elevations based on the independent distance along their alignments, and therefore be comparing unrelated long section points, unless the long sections compared are created from the same alignment.
Base Long Section For Cuts & Fills Select the long section to be used as the base for calculation of cut and fill, with respect to other long sections displayed in the window.