Copy Scan PointCopy Scan Point

(This functionality is available with the Point Cloud module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Allows selected scan point(s) to be copied to another scan and optionally deleted from the original scan(s). The required scan points may be selected by Block after initiating this dialog.

Copy Scan Points dialog box

Item Used to
To Scan Select an existing scan or select "Add New Scan", to which the selected scan point(s) are to be copied.
New Scan Name Enter in a new scan name if "Add New Scan" is selected.
Delete from Original Scan Delete the selected scan points from the original scan(s).
Colour by Elevation Banding Colour the copied scan points according to the currently set colours in Configure/3D/Elevation Banding. If using this option, be sure to set the required elevation banding first.
Apply Copies the selected scan points to the nominated scan and optionally deletes them from the original scan(s).