Point ReportIsolated Stringable Points Report

(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Produces a report containing any points that are not part of a line and have a feature code that is set to stringable in the code table.

Note: If a point code is not in the code table, this report treats the point's code as being "DEFAULT" and hence reports the point as isolated if "DEFAULT" code is set to "Stringable". It is therefore important to ensure you have the correct code table selected for the particular .see file.

The results are displayed in a report window. From the report window the results can be sent to the printer or saved as a text file. If the results are too big to be displayed in the report window they will automatically be saved as a .txt file with the name "Data File name_RPx.txt" where the x is incremented starting at A each time a new report is saved. This .txt file will then be opened automatically by the current text editor.

The Report/Isolated Stringable Points command is selected from the Plan View Utilities task.

Isolated Stringable Points Report dialog box

Item Used to
Position Select which attributes are to be output.
Using the arrow up/down keys to increase or decrease the column number can set the column position of each attribute type.
The column numbers increase from left to right. Set the Position to 0 (zero) to remove the attribute type in the report.
Display Extended Header Select whether header information is to be included in the report.
Header information includes the details of the current project at the head of the report. These details may also be viewed or edited in the Utilities/Edit/Details command.
Main Points Only Select that only Main Points are to be included in the report. This check box is only active if the data base is non-unique. Refer to Utilities/Configure/Point Identifier.
OK Generate the report.
If Block is inactive, then all displayed isolated stringable points in the project will be reported.
If Block is active, all displayed isolated stringable points within the block drfinition will be reported.
The report is sorted into two sections, the first containing any isolated points with feature codes in the code table set to stringable and breakline. The second section contains any isolated points with feature codes in the code table set to stringable but not breakline.
Cancel Close the dialog box.

A point object must be on a currently displayed group before it may be included in the report. Refer to the Utilities/Display/Groups command.

Points must also be selected for display in the Utilities/Display/Features command before a point report may be generated.