Manage Projections

(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Enables user defined projections to be created, viewed, edited, copied or deleted.
Enables system projections to be viewed or copied.

Manage Projections is accessed from the Configure / Projections / Manage Projections menu in the Utilities task.

Manage Projections dialog box

Item Used to
Projection type: Select from the drop down list the type of projection that you want to manage.
Projections: Select a projection that you want to View, Edit, Copy or Delete.
New... Creates a new user defined projection and adds it to the list of projections.
View... Displays the parameters of the currently selected system or user defined projection.
Edit... Edits the currently selected user defined projection.
Copy... Copies the currently selected projection and prompts for a new name.
Delete Deletes the currently selected user defined projection.
Close Closes the dialog box.


You can only Edit or Delete user defined projections.

You can only Create or Copy projections of the following type: