Configure 3DElevation Banding

Sets the range and colours for 3D display when using 'Colour Banding' for 'Elevations' via 3D/Display/Features/Model.

May also be used when Copying Scan Points to set the copied scan point colours.

Configure / 3D / Elevation Banding is selected from the Utilities task.

Configure Elevation Colours dialog

Item Used to
Number of Bands Select the number of bands to be displayed.
Interval Enter the interval between the bands.
Start Enter the starting elevation of the bands.
Auto Automatically spread the number of bands over the model elevation range.
Min & Max values Display the model minimum and maximum elevations.
Coloured Bands Select a colour to access custom colours and change.
OK Save any change made and close the dialog box.
Cancel Close the dialog box leaving the settings unchanged.