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Data Transfer Between Field Surveying Devices & Other Software Systems

Transfer data to and from all popular field surveying devices as well as other survey engineering software systems including AutoCAD (DWG) and MicroStation (DGN).

 Lost in the Translation?
You won't be with LISCAD. LISCAD incorporates two way data transfer between a wide range of total station, data logger, GPS and digital level field surveying devices.

LISCAD features uploading of alignments, long section profiles, cross sections, coordinates and digital terrain models (DTM) to land survey devices for stakeout in the field.

The field coding system can be customised to suit your individual requirements. Numerous field operation codes are available to enhance your productivity in the field.

Traverse observations can be automatically extracted from a total station or data logger, then easily processed using one of the standard adjustment techniques, Bowditch, Transit or Crandall’s.

You can view raw data files directly or easily convert the raw data for editing in our user friendly field file format.

LISCAD land survey software supports conversion between a wide range of data formats including, AutoCAD (DWG), MicroStation (DGN), LandXML, Moss, Ski-GPS, ArcInfo, CivilCAD and Geocomp just to name a few.

There is also an option for you to define an ASCII translator for transferring data to and from LISCAD and other systems OR even the ability for you to create your own data conversion program that can be executed seamlessly inside LISCAD.

LISCAD also includes the following features:

LISCAD Surveying & Engineering Software

Two Way Data Transfer for Total Station, Data Logger, GPS and Digital Level Field Surveying Devices

To view the Input/Output Product Information in PDF format, select the following link, alternatively to download, right click and select "Save Target As":

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